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2K Reveals Two $30 Bundles Featuring Award-Winning Titles

These aren't just four great games. These are four of the absolute best games of an entire generation.

Via Twitter , 2K Games and Bethesda have announced a partnership that resulted in a couple of really attractive bundles, with an even more attractive price tag ($30 each).

The first is already available at North American retailers; it includes The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Bioshock Infinite . The second bundle will arrive on February 11, and that will feature Borderlands 2 and Dishonored . The games are awesome and the price is right ($15 apiece for each game); the only downside is that these packages don't include any downloadable content. If you want to expand upon any of these fantastic experiences, you'll have to purchase the DLC separately. Might be worth it, though.

That's a foursome of award-winners right there. Just from the PSXE perspective: In our 2011 GotY Awards , Skyrim won Best Role-Playing Game, Best Multiplatform Game and was nominated for Game of the Year. In our 2012 GotY Awards , Borderlands 2 won Best Shooter and was nominated for Game of the Year, Dishonored won Best New IP, Best Trailer and overall Game of the Year, and in our most recent GotY Awards , Bioshock Infinite won Best Writing/Story, Best Trailer, Best Shooter, and was nominated for Game of the Year.

See? Quite the assortment.

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10 years ago

They are great games… If you have Plus, you know what I'm talking about.

10 years ago

Those are nice deals, but personally I'd rather just get the GotY/Ultimate Editions with all DLC, or practically all like Borderlands 2. Yeah in Borderlands 2's case there's only a few pieces of DLC left that weren't released in time and aren't very pricey, if memory serves. That's just my nickel and what I tend to do anyway. 🙂

Last edited by H8WL3R on 1/17/2014 7:05:27 PM

10 years ago

Hmm, looks interesting. I have Borderlands 2 as a part of Plus, but would love to get my hands on a genuine disk based copy. Also, Dishonored. Never got the time to play that, but I may just consider it now that it's two games for the price of one.

2K: take my money, and buy a thing of eggnog. You deserve a treat!

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