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Adam’s Venture Chronicles Coming To PSN

If you'd like to play a more religious version of Uncharted , Playlogic has the game for you.

The Christian-themed episodic adventure series, Adam's Venture Chronicles , is headed to the PlayStation 3 on February 4 in the US (a day later in Europe). It will retail for $12/€12; don't forget that PlayStation Plus members can get an additional 20 percent off. The game was previously exclusive to PC.

Developed by Vertigo Games, the three episodes are called The Lost Garden, Solomon's Secret, and Revelations. For the PS3, the team has "polished and optimized" these adventures, which look a lot like Naughty Dog's acclaimed Uncharted titles. But Adam isn't quite the same as Nathan Drake, and his companion, Evelyn, likely isn't Elena's twin (personality-wise). Set in the 1920s, Adam is on a quest to find ancient artifacts, all the while outsmarting the evil Clarivoix Corporation.

The Chronicles offer over 10 hours of gameplay and more than 60 puzzles to tackle. As for combat, we're not expecting much of anything considering the religious implications. But hey, should be great for all those aging adventure purists (ala Myst ).