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GTAV To Become Fastest-Selling Title In UK In Three Months?

Grand Theft Auto V has already broken sales records around the world, and it may be on track to break yet another.

According to European sales tracker GfK Chart-Track, Take-Two Interactive's blockbuster title from 2013 has become the fourth-best selling game in UK history. GTAV was atop the sales charts in that region from the moment it launched in September up until Christmas. The uber-popular FIFA 14 finally knocked it from its perch.

But the game is still selling at a rapid clip, and GfK Chart-Track estimates that at the current pace, GTAV will become the #1 top-selling video game of all time in the UK in only three more months. Many were wondering how the latest GTA would fare, especially after a five-plus-year hiatus (GTAIV launched in April 2008). Additionally, the world had gone FPS crazy since then, as Call of Duty became the biggest name in gaming, so GTAV might've faced a few hurdles.

If it did, though, it cleared 'em all in fine style. In our recently posted Game of the Year Awards 2013, GTAV won the illustrious Best Action/Adventure Game title.

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10 years ago

It comes to no surprise to me. GTA5 was and is still fun to play. I'm enjoying the online portion of the game whenever I get tired of playing GT6. It's funny all the people you run into online speaking all types of languages, backgrounds and behavior types.

I was robbing an armored truck yesterday and out of no where someone attempts to kill me and steal the money… really? End of the story he got a nice pump shotgun to the face lol.

10 years ago

Go figure, and I lived in the UK when I was a kid. They love the violence and language… within reason.

I still think GTAV is a overly hyped and over rated game, dam of CoD, but I know I am in the VAST minority. It caters I think to the ever changing gaming community. As long as other developers keep producing game I and others in the minority, I will continue to game.

Keep playing!

10 years ago

Just get those darn PS4 & PC versions out – why wait? – and that record is yours with a good margin, Rockstar.

I'm waiting. Patiently, but eagerly.

Last edited by Beamboom on 1/6/2014 4:32:15 PM

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