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Need For Speed: Rivals Title Update Delivers 2015 Mustang

Need for Speed: Rivals just got a little better.

Easily one of the most wildly entertaining games of the year, and a great addition to the next-gen console lineups, the latest from Ghost Games will keep you riveted for hours. And now, if you're a fan of the iconic Ford Mustang, there's even more reason to remain soldered to your seat.

Although it won't be available at dealerships until some time next year, a free title update for the game allows the anticipated 2015 Mustang to become playable. This isn't the one that's being used to promote the upcoming "Need for Speed" movie, by the way; the 2015 edition is a very different beast. The development team was granted early access to the car during production, so it should look and feel very much like the real thing. Well, as much like the "real thing" as NFS will allow; it's not Gran Turismo , after all.

Check out the Mustang in action right here: