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Suikoden II Turns 15 Years Old Today

Was it really that long ago?

It would seem so. Once upon a time on this date in 1998 a JRPG for the ages came out of Japan's explosive video game industry: Suikoden II .

The sequel improved on the original in every way and was later followed by three more games in the next console generation. For many though, part II was the greatest of them all.

The game saw North American shores in September of 1999; things have changed quite a bit since then. The Japanese gaming industry isn't quite as explosive these days and JRPGs aren't topping many lists of must-have games.

Unfortunately Suikoden VI never happened but you can't accuse fans of ever giving up on the dream. The Suikoden Revival Movement has been advocating for the franchise and today on their Facebook page they posted this vocal cover of the song Reminiscence by series fan and Youtube artist JoyDreamer.

Why this game isn't a PS1 classic on the store is beyond me. While we wait for that to happen please enjoy, and Happy Birthday Suikoden II !