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SotC Fan Art Highlights And Compares Colossi Sizes

If you're a long-time fan of the PS2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus , you'll appreciate this.

As revealed at Reddit , artist Andrew McGee has delivered a piece of fan art that's truly unique. And enlightening!

You can see it here; it takes all the Colossi from the game and places them in one image, so we can check out the crazy size disparities. McGee has other minimalist artwork at his DeviantArt page , if you're interested. It's wicked cool to see how all those massive monsters stack up against one another. I always thought the horse was smaller than that, and I never realized just how massive that flying Colossi in the desert really was…

If you missed out on the epic awesomeness that was SotC, you can always grab the ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection . We promise you won't regret that purchase.

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10 years ago

Was that made on windows paint…?

10 years ago

likely a combination of illustrator for the vector images and photoshop for the effect overlay

10 years ago

By far my favorite boss fight was against the flying creature. Epic game indeed.

10 years ago

Valus – What an Introduction

Quadratus – Hurting it under its foot to climb it using Agro was Epic

Gaius – My Fav Boss Battle listening to "the opening way" soundtrack when fighting this Colossus was just Epic

Phaedra – Tricking it to Climb it was soo much fun

Avion – My Second Fav , U are literally on the top of a colossus which is flying and trying to beat it in mid air

Barba – This one the first time was scary cause he was to be fought in the cave but after climbing his beard u can beat it.

Hydrus – Hold your breath to fight this colossi , fighting the this one while underwater was just too Epic.

Kuromori – Hit the legs when it's crawling on the walls and jump down fast to defeat it and climb back up fast.

Basaran – Scary on with its laser but after its upside down climb fast to beat it.

Dirge – Scary eyes using Agro to beat it and escaping in the last moment what a way to beat a colossus u can't even see.

Celosia – grab a wooden stick fast and light it to scare and ur done.

Pelagia – Was a little slow boss battle

Phalanx – Epic flying colossus , riding agro standing and jumping onto the colossus ,Epic.

Cenobia – Don't touch the ground ever during this fight.

Argus – You feel like a Gladiator fighting this Warrior Colossus .

Malus – Using your bow to make the limbs move and Jump from Hand to Hand was too Epic.

Fumito Ueda Please make The Last Guardian as Epic as your last two Epics.
Ico what an Epic Ending.

Last edited by Kiryu on 12/9/2013 12:28:28 PM

Banky A
Banky A
10 years ago

Oh man loved these fights. It was too sad afterwards though.

Like "OMG this black ink blood and black lightning, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"

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