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Developer: Dracula Will Be “More Human” In Lords Of Shadow 2

Dracula is a legendary antagonist and the perfect villain for the iconic, long-running Castlevania franchise.

Developer MercurySteam has big plans for the head vampire honcho in the upcoming sequel, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 . You can learn all about it in the team's latest developer diary.

Producer Dave Cox says Dracula isn't your standard "quintessential evil guy:"

"I think that following a character you can identify with is really important, so we wanted to have a guy that people really saw, really felt for him, they understood how he got to that place. So I think in many ways, our Dracula is more human than previous incarnations of Dracula."

In the LoS storyline, Dracula was actually Gabriel Belmont, who turned himself into a vampire to battle an even greater evil. That occurred in a piece of the popular game's downloadable content, by the way. Now, with Lords of Shadow 2 slated to arrive in February, Castlevania followers are definitely looking forward to their next encounter with Dracula. Here's hoping the sequel lives up to expectations!