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Tales Of Sypmhonia Chronicles Dated For North America

JRPG fans have reason to smile. They can mark another date on their calendars.

Namco Bandai has released the North American release date for Tales of Symphonia Chronicles via Twitter : February 25! The European date is three days later, as is typically the case.

Chronicles features remasters of the original Tales of Symphonia , which was available for the PS2 and GameCube, and the sequel Dawn of the New World , which was only available on the Wii. We get a nicely overhauled visual presentation, remastered music, and other tweaks and refinements. For those who remember the games in question with great fondness, this compilation is an absolute no-brainer. Besides, look at the bang-for-your-buck value!

February could be tough, though, as a great many high-profile games could drop that month… inFamous: Second Son , for example.