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NASCAR ’14 Races Onto Shelves In 2014

NASCAR fans missed out on a video game in 2013, but that won't be the case next year.

Publisher Deep Silver has announced that NASCAR '14 will land on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2014. Activision published the last series entry, NASCAR The Game: Inside Line back in late 2012.

Developer Eutechnyx is at the helm for the latest installment, and we'll all try to forget that this team delivered the woeful Ride to Hell: Retribution earlier this year. Deep Silver COO Geoff Mulligan has said his company is "thrilled" to have acquired the rights to publish video games in the NASCAR franchise. NASCAR '14 will feature a new and robust career mode and players can create custom cars, acquire sponsors and even invest in research and development to help their team. There will also be a new "NASCAR Highlights" mode that will boast real-world race scenarios.

Official teams and tracks will make the experience that much more authentic, so get ready for some high-speed, bumper-to-bumper action!

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10 years ago

Hope it's better then the 2013 version. There's no simulation to it at all, just arcade racing. No cars DNF, and wrecks just really didn't hurt the car that much. Very disappointing. I went back and installed the old Papyrus season 2003 game and modded it up to the current schedules, gen 6 cars, tracks, drivers, sounds, etc. Way more realistic experience and just more fun overall. Online multiplayer is just awesome as well with a full field.

10 years ago

If I can race with 24 other players count me in.

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