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Sony Personal 3D Viewer “No Longer Available” At Sony Store

If you didn't take the opportunity to pre-order Sony's new HMZ-T3W personal 3D visor, you've already missed out until Sony restocks.

As you can see over at the Sony Store , the nifty headset is "no longer available." Seems like a lot of people had the $1,000 required to pick it up.

This is the third version of the head-mounted display technology that debuted in 2012. The visor also features a "Game Mode" which is designed to "enhance shape details." Here's part of the description:

"It's the perfect way to enjoy favorite titles, from fast paced shooters to tire-burning racing. Plus, there is no fumbling for the right keys or buttons in mid-game–the ergonomic visor-style headset gives an unobstructed 'look-down' view of your keyboard or controller while you play."

The device is compatible with a Windows PC or the PlayStation 3, but it's not a dedicated gaming VR headset like the Oculus Rift. One upgrade from its predecessor is that the HMZ-T3W isn't connected to an AC power pocket, which lets users go wherever they wish. This one is also lighter, and features two 720p OLED displays and virtual 7.1 surround sound. It will be officially released next month, so maybe you want to add it to your holiday wish list. Got some generous friends…?

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10 years ago

*Has seizure thinking about it*

10 years ago

Would I be able to see without my glasses on… Who knows? Personally, I still enjoy my home theater experience. It's much more difficult for company to walk out of the house with…

10 years ago

I love my hobby but $1000.00 plus tax? I think not.

10 years ago

um i actually don't care no matter how cool it "might be" and plus its so freakin expensive and like sandtech said "i love my hobby but 1000 plus tax? i think not." yeah i don't love playstation that much i mean think of all the games i cud get for that money …. oh my gosh so many i can't do it/justify it aye.

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

I am with you on all the games that can be had for that type of money.

10 years ago

correction it works with anything that has a HDMI socket.
i hope they have optimized the comfortability of this.
when i bought the original, the T1 it was so poorly made it felt like a project a bunch of college students put together.
not a device created by one of the industries biggest companies!
the cheap flimsy rubber inserts to block out light kept falling off, and even with them in place there was still far too much light bleeding in especially through the nose piece.
another big comfort problem with it the nose piece was FAR too narrow, it felt like someone was constantly squeezing my nose.
it was so tight in fact a few times after having it on for a little while it caused my nose to bleed the pressure was so ridiculously tight!
there was no headband taking the weight of the device off your nose either, there were only 2 straps at the back of the head one slightly higher than the other.
all the weight of the device was designed to be rested on the forehead pads which was just ridiculous, pushing all the weight of the device onto such a small area is a perfect recipe for splitting headaches!
it just amazes me how a company so big like $ony can think so little about a devices comfort.
i mean no above head band to take the weight, putting all the weight on one spot on your forehead, a really tight narrow nose piece, these are things a f*cking 5 year old would tell you are not a good idea!
so you would think one of the worlds biggest companies would be able to figure that out……….

oh well hopefully they have listened to peoples complaints, and stopped hiring monkeys to test their products and use actual humans, and all this is behind them.
really liked the T1 it was so cool being able to lye on my bed as if im staring at the ceiling but im actually playing whichever game i want, on my own massive cinema screen.
especially early in the morning when it was pitch black it really did make you feel like you were in your own personal cinema.

though i hope this is the last one they do.
as cool as the HMD is, VR is just so much more potential and id be a real shame to let oculus have that whole field to themselves.
really hope $ony will take all the lessons they learned with the HMZ series and put them to good use with a high end VR headset for the ps4.
and i mean high end, please dont fall into that BS oculus trap and try to make it for the mass market.
i want 2560×1440 OLED displays in this thing, enough of this pussyfooting around trying to make a mass consumer product.
this is a freaking VR headset its suppose to be expensive, people dont go TV shopping and complain that 1000 dollar TVs are too expensive!
so why should VR headsets, technology 1000000000000000 times better, be so much cheaper?
its just pathetic, dont hold down the capabilities and amazement of VR just because you want to make a mass product.

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