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Bioshock Infinite Burial At Sea Teaser: The Modern Day Atlantis

Sure, Bioshock Infinite has some multiplayer downloadable content available. But it's the upcoming single-player DLC we most want!

After all, a game that focuses so heavily on a great, intricate narrative deserves a story-based expansion. That's why developer Irrational Games is currently cranking away on Burial at Sea.

We still don't have exact release dates for the episodes; we just know they should arrive early next year. And here's a teaser trailer for Episode One, which views like an old-fashioned investigative news segment. The idea is that those on the surface have heard whispers about Rapture, the "modern day Atlantis" that sits submerged miles beneath the ocean's waves. They're trying to determine the truth and a woman in New York, who allegedly grew up in Rapture, may have the answers. She could confirm the legend.

But she's not talking. So, the secret is still safe…at least for now.

Thanks, Zak!