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Arkham Origins About 12 Hours In Length, First DLC Revealed

The game isn't out yet and they're already talkin' DLC. But hey, that's common practice these days.

The extra content for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins will expand upon a journey that should take "about 12 hours," according to a report from Eurogamer .

First, the Initiation DLC will feature the story of Bruce Wayne's early combat growth, which involved his ninjitsu training. He had to prove himself to Kirigi, who taught the way of the ninja to both Bruce and the head of the League of Assassins, Ras al Ghul. As this info implies, this will allow players to step outside Gotham City for the very first time in the franchise's history. Second, there's a new difficulty mode that will come with this DLC; it's called I am The Night and it'll become available after unlocking the New Game+.

Be careful, though: There is no saving and Batman only has one life. …and that just sounds totally insane. Good luck with that.

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10 years ago

I am The Night sounds hardcore… NES hardcore! :O

10 years ago

Don't give me flashbacks.

10 years ago

well thats sounds like batman begins as game partly but yeah i'm getting sick of this day one DLC it's like we'll give you the game in one main bit plus a number of extra bits you can't help but feel like you're not getting the full/finished game for that $60 usd or about 110-120 nzd that we shall out to begin with thats another reason for me to be against DLC but this one acutally sounds like a more worth while but i still done like it.

happy gaming =)

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