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Lightning Returns Opening Cinematic: The World’s Last Chance

If you're one of those people who count opening cinematic sequences as spoiler content, look away now.

If not, check out the very pretty introductory cinematic for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII . The protagonist is back and stronger than ever; this time around, she's essentially supernatural. A goddess, really.

Featuring a more action-oriented interface with a more dynamic gameplay style (such as minor platforming elements), the end of the current Final Fantasy trilogy is plenty flashy. The world is going to end in 13 days unless Lightning does something about it, and players will have to race the clock in addition to taking down countless enemies. Familiar faces from previous titles will also make an appearance, as we've seen in other videos.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII releases in North America for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11, and three days later in Europe.