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The Mark Of Kri’s Great Blend Of Stealth And Action Hits PSN

This was one of the very best games on the PS2, and it's awesome that it's finally coming to the PSN.

As revealed over at the PlayStation Blog , The Mark of Kri will be making its way to the digital world on September 24. There's also an interesting, very detailed "Making Of" post to go along with it.

It's a great read and it reminds me of that title's greatness. It launched on the PS2 in 2002 and was developed by Sony's internal San Diego studio. There was a sequel called Rise of the Kasai , but it was created by a different team – the now-defunct Bottlerocket Entertainment – and it wasn't anywhere near as good. The Mark of Kri combined fantastic culture and artistry with a gameplay mechanic that featured a blend of stealth and action. It was so much fun, especially because both mechanics were very well done.

I can't be certain of how this game will withstand the test of time, but it has some similarities to Beyond Good & Evil (in terms of third-person control, at least), and that HD remake was definitely worthwhile . If you're intrigued by the style and hybrid gameplay, you should at least try The Mark of Kri when it arrives next week.