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Ghosts Campaign Trailer: Space Drama, Epic Slo-Mo Action

Yes, we all know that most gamers buy each new Call of Duty for the multiplayer component. That's a given.

But there's always a decent chance that the campaign will be well worth playing. If you're intrigued by the single-player action in Call of Duty: Ghosts , you gotta check out the recently unveiled campaign trailer.

What do you think? Has potential, right? There's no doubt that the focus is squarely on multiplayer for any new CoD installment, but there have been several great campaigns, too. Ghosts could be excellent, as the narrative might be intriguing, the exotic locales and ceaseless action might keep us all riveted, and the length might actually be sufficient. I don't complain much about that, though; 7 or 8 hours is plenty for me these days. How's about you?