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New MGSV Video Highlights Quiet’s 3D Scanning And Mo-Cap

Hideo Kojima and Co. never hold back when it comes to production values.

As evidence of that longstanding fact, Konami has released a new video that highlights some of the technical wizardry utilized for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain . This one puts an emphasis on the 3D scanning and mo-cap, and actress Stefanie Joosten is featured.

Joosten plays the character Quiet in the game, and that character has been the subject of much controversy over the past week. Kojima first Tweeted that he tasked his artists with creating "more erotic" characters, which he later clarified by saying that "sexy" was a more fitting description. Not everyone likes this approach, though, as Halo designer called Quiet "disgusting" and proved that developers are still just a bunch of "man babies." After, we asked what you thought about over-sexualized characters in video games.

Well, anyway, here's the behind-the-scenes video.