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David’s Week In Review: September 8th

Ben said he'd be traveling most of Friday and Saturday but I don't actually know when he's getting back so I'll just keep things rolling if nobody minds overmuch.

PS4: 11/15, Xbox One: 11/22

The competition finally got a due date this week and we learned that the Playstation 4 will get a full week head start on the Xbox One. PSXE has been keeping a pretty close watch on the pre-order status of both in that always tempting attempt to read the tea leaves. We're all aware of the blunders that led to some extremely lopsided numbers in favor of PS4 but this little war is just warming up and if anybody can gain ground it's Microsoft.

Most of the community members felt that the week head start for PS4 wouldn't make much of a difference because folks would have already pre-ordered their console of choice or decided to wait. I'm inclined to agree but the market can be unpredictable. Even a week of positivity and “me-too” syndrome can start serious momentum that the opposition would have to contend with.

Leave the half naked girl be.

There is entirely too much nonsense surrounding the silent character in Metal Gear Solid V known as Quiet. I don't know if you've all been around the internet seeing what people are saying on the matter but it's getting ugly out there. And I mean more than usual for the internet. Other developers are taking potshots at Kojima. Imagine that, at the legend himself!

It's a fantasy world people, not every developer is interested in realistically representing military personnel and their clothing. Are the haters even familiar with the plot and characters in the series before they pass judgment? I also still say we shouldn't be judging eastern games based on ethnocentric notions of what is okay and not okay in the realm of digital sexuality.

No More Yakuza? Say whaa?

What's this I hear about Yakuza 5 not getting localized ? I admit part 4 was my first game in the series but I loved it and was looking forward to the next one. What a shame. We can always hope for a limited run some time down the line but the fan base here really is too small. Some time ago I reported on a voting measure that would allow a localization company to give developers a big discount on the game that won and Yakuza 5 was a contender. I don't know which one won, I should probably try to follow up on that story.

GTA the best of all worlds?

If you missed the new information about the controls in Grand Theft Auto V I suggest you give them a glance, they made me feel better. It's all about how other Rockstar games inform the gameplay.

Personal Gaming Update:

I've been pressing forward with Tales of Xillia when I can, I must have about 30 hours into that sucker and new things are still happening to the gameplay. I'm just going to enjoy any JRPG I can while they are still being made, turn-based or no turn-based I still say the battles are strategic enough to make it more than an action RPG.

Also with a bunch of price drops and sales I've been able to pick up a good haul and have fallen in love with Binary Domain . Is it a super polished visually stunning shooter? No. Is it a serious, grown up gaming experience? No. It has a great Japanese style story that keeps expanding and growing, it has awesome environments, it has very distinctive characters, it has some innovation, it has variable gameplay, and it's fun I tell ya.

Thanks to everyone for sticking with me and I'll see you in the comments section.