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First Ever Look Inside Lightning Returns Reveals Action Focus

Over the weekend Square-Enix began a three part video look inside the creation of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.

Amritz Lay, Associate Director of Marketing at Square-Enix, posted the first part on the Playstation Blog on Saturday. Called “Inside the Square,” the series is billed as the first behind the scenes look at the development of a Final Fantasy game in the franchise's 25 year existence.

With narration by Lightning's actress Ali Hillis we're treated to a behind the scenes take on what goes into this latest production. They discuss how to constantly reinvent the series while still delivering what fans have come to expect. They explain how their own experiences become a part of the game such as taking cell phone pictures regularly. They want us to know that Lightning is an incredibly popular character. They claim that the premise of the game is simple: “The world is dying because of a series of events that took place in the first two games.”

I played through both games and kind of wish that I had some clue how the second even related to the first, let alone how this new world 500 years later will enter into things. But hey, maybe it will all make sense when Lightning returns to save the world in February of 2014.

If there was ever any question about the direction of this game and the franchise as a whole these two quotes from the video should set you straight:

“With Lightning Returns we're weaving the RPG elements that are familiar from the first and second titles into what is essentially an action game.”

“Even in its thirteenth iteration, Final Fantasy remains on the leading edge of action RPG innovation.”