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Beyond: Two Souls Trailer Highlights Two Complex Relationships

Quantic Dream and David Cage brought us Heavy Rain . And on October 8, the talented French team will deliver another unique dramatic thriller.

Beyond: Two Souls features fantastic acting talent and a lengthy, complex script, mostly written by Cage. In this latest Gamescom trailer, we see protagonist Jodi Holmes' development from gifted child to conflicted teen and beyond. She is played by accomplished actress Ellen Page.

Actor Willem Dafoe, whose film and television credits are simply too long to list, plays scientist Nathan Dawkins. He first meets Jodie when she's a child, and she admits to him that another soul is somehow tied to her. That soul, who she calls Aiden, never leaves her and is capable of affecting the world around her. Like any researcher, Dawkins wants to experiment with her, which in turn limits her social growth (as evidenced by one emotional scene in the video).

The anticipated Beyond: Two Souls launches exclusively for the PlayStation 3 on October 8 in North America.