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Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition Sets Records At Amazon

Madden NFL 25 celebrates a quarter-century of Madden video game football.

And people are lining up to take part. revealed today that the special Anniversary Edition of this year's entry has become the site's #1 pre-ordered sports game of all time. Of course, it helps that this particular package is exclusive to Amazon.

Hardcore football followers get the game, a 17-week Madden Ultimate Team pack subscription, and exclusive offers for DirecTV and NFL Sunday Ticket. For $99.99, you can prove your loyalty to the pigskin! The game launches tomorrow but you can still pre-order; visit Amazon to snag yours.

Many, many others have already done it, as evidenced by the stats. They've tossed up a Madden Fever page that shows the top 10 cities for Madden NFL 25 pre-orders. Thus far, New York has the top spot, and Chicago, Seattle, Houston and San Francisco round out the top 5.

And here are some fun facts-

— In the time it would take for all pre-orders of the Anniversary Edition to watch each game offered on NFL Sunday Ticket this season, Madden cover athlete Barry Sanders could run the length of 15 billion football fields.

— It would take more than two football teams to bench press every Anniversary Edition of Madden NFL 25 we’ve pre-ordered, so far.

Who says sports games are declining in popularity? Madden NFL 25 releases tomorrow, August 27, for all current platforms, and is also scheduled to be available for the next-gen consoles when they arrive in November.

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10 years ago

Its easy when u are the only one.

10 years ago

Interesting..thinking about waiting for the ps4 version.

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