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Brigmore Witches DLC Impressions: It’s Finally Daud’s Turn

Single-player-oriented DLC is always a treat. It's a somewhat rarefied form of downloadable content that I have always felt deserves a bigger place in the industry. If you are of the same mind and happen to enjoy the stealthy encounters of Dishonored , this might be the expansion for you.

One may ask, though, what of the first and second DLC packs? Well, the Brigmore Witches brings you up to date quite rapidly and has more than enough information laying around in books and pages to satisfy this requirement. In this third pack of DLC, you get the satisfaction of playing as the villain, Daud.

One thing to keep in mind throughout this adventure- remember to save and save often. There are checkpoints, but they're far and few between and forgetting to save can lead to definite frustration. The dreary and dingy settings are continuously immersive and enjoyable, keeping with Dishonored’s original dystopian steampunk-es universe. The controls are also the same; the only drawback is having to re-assign your preferred powers to the d-pad at the beginning of your journey and also re-learn/upgrade these powers from scratch. Luckily, you start with more than enough money, so you'll soon be on your way to earning the powers one would expect an evil backstreets assassin to have.

There are some refreshing new enemies, such as evil witches (lacking warted noses) as well as undead hounds. Plus, the addition of stun mines and baffle dust add a less lethal approach to the traditional methods in the original gameplay. The other notable difference is the new powers which you have available to you. There is the ability to call in assassins to do the dirty work for you (which works quite well), and of course the ability to pull enemies towards you, after which you can do what you please with them. As in the Knife of Dunwall pack there is also the option of bribes which come in quite handy.

In the previous edition of these packs, the bribes were really quite expensive; however, in this one, the bribes seem to be much less. Or, maybe gold is just more abundant. The bribes range from small things – a crate of loot “accidentally” dropped from a smuggling ship at a very chance location of which you happen to have the particulars of – to obtaining an overseer disguise to get you into places such as a high-security prison facility. However, with the addition of these new features comes the withdrawal of one of my very favorite skills, Possession. No longer can you turn into a plague-carrying rat or deadly fish.

They didn’t so much sacrifice old skills as add new and entertaining ways of dominating your environment and toying with your enemies, so the lack of Possession is tolerable. Overall, for ten bucks I can confidently say that if you have been considering dipping back into this thrilling gameplay of Dishonored , the Brigmore Witches pack is the way to go.

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10 years ago

I'd like to play these some day, at this point though it might be best to wait for a GOTY edition.

10 years ago

I dont like single player dlc because I feel like the game isnt completed when it ahould have been. Regardless I could care less for this game because I couldnt even finish it. I couldnt get into it like everyone else. However I havnt given up on it. When I find time for it I may try and play it again sometime.

10 years ago

SP DLC in this game and many others aren't in the same story or feature the same character so there's not much to worry about with it not being a finished game.

If you haven't given up on it then I would advise you just playing it however the hell you want (if you aren't already) instead of trying to force yourself into what you think the game wants you to do. I honestly didn't have the patience for many scenerios and just went apesh*t on folks with my rats and stuff, which can be as fun as the stealth.

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