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Castle Of Illusion HD Set For September 3

If you loved Castle of Illusion back in the day, it's time to mark your calendar.

It has been confirmed that the high-definition remake of Disney's classic 1990 Sega Genesis game will be available on the PlayStation Network on September 3. It'll hit Xbox Live and PC a day later and the cost will be $15.

Furthermore, if you pre-order the game, Sega will give you a downloadable version of the original Genesis title. It'll be cool to compare and contrast, 'cuz we've probably forgotten what the old one looks like by now, right? This offer is good for pre-orders placed between August 20 and September 2, but bear in mind that it is not applicable to Xbox 360 and PC owners. Yep, sometimes it pays to be a PlayStation fan! You'll get a dynamic theme and three avatars, too, so go ahead and make your deposit.

Here's hoping the developers do exactly what they've claimed: Capture the old magic while simply infusing that magic with a healthy dose of new technology. So pretty, yet so nostaglic!

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10 years ago

can you even preorder a PSN title?

10 years ago

You certainly can, why? I have no clue.

10 years ago

Oh…. This makes me really sad in some ways. I really wish World of Illusion got this treatment instead. It's a much better game, has co-op even. I would love to have the original version on psn. But still I will settle for second best. At least I can pre-Order this in confidence as I know there won't be a DLC edition in 5 months.

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