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Payday 2 Will Get A Year’s Worth Of DLC

Payday 2 appears to be doing well with the critics, and developer Overkill Software is already planning extensive DLC.

Speaking to Joystiq , game director David Goldfarb said the team is planning "a year of DLC." This will include no less than five separate packs.

"Payday 2 – just like its predecessor Payday: The Heist – is a living thing. We have 5 DLCs planned together with 505 Games for the coming year."

He added that both free and paid content is on the way, and there's also the chance for modding support or Steamworks integration. Goldfarb said they'd "love to add support for creating community generated content" but he can't say anything definitive just yet. I'm looking forward to trying Payday 2 ; the original title was tons o' fun and I remarked at the time that it had strong potential for a franchise. It was a great starting point and if Overkill built on that idea, they'd really have something.

Well, it appears they have something, huh?

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10 years ago

well i'm no fan of dlc i don't mind expansions like the old days of age of empires and bf2 but if it's good value i won't complain.

happy gaming =)

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