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Black Ops II Teaser Trailer Hints At Game’s Last Piece Of DLC?

No, we don't know why Treyarch is teasing something related to Call of Duty: Black Ops II . But we're sure there's a good reason…DLC, probably.

As you can see by the following 90-second video, the developer has teased something called "Black Ops II Origins," and we see the words- "Everything has a beginning and an end." Four men are seen in the video, along with trench warfare and a futuristic robot. Upcoming downloadable content?

If you picked up the $50 Season Pass, you're in line to grab all the upcoming DLC, so you should be psyched. So far, we've seen three expansion packs (Revolution, Uprising and Vengeance), so it seems logical that Origins is the last add-on. This news comes only one week before Infinity Ward will unveil the multiplayer element in Call of Duty: Ghosts . See, CoD is a year-long form of entertainment for many. Are you one of the "many?" Or maybe you're just not a fan.