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Batman: Arkham Origins Gets A Collector’s Edition In The UK

Sometimes, a Collector's Edition is more appealing when it comes with a really cool collectible item…

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed the Batman: Arkham Origins Collector's Edition, which will be available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This one is exclusive to the UK and the mega online retailer, Amazon UK.

It will include a steelbook case, a 30cm statue of Batman and The Joker, an 80-page art book, an Assassin's dossier, and several downloadable content codes for the First Appearance Skin Pack and the Deathstroke Challenge Pack. PS3 owners will also get the Knightfall skin. The special bundle will retail for £79.99, which isn't too bad of a deal if you're a collector. As for PC and Wii U players, they're out of luck, as the Collector's Edition will not be available on those platforms.

Now we have to see what sort of special edition the US gets. If it was the same, would you be interested in picking it up? Batman: Arkham Origins is scheduled to release on October 25.

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10 years ago

They need to move on from Arkham

10 years ago

i like 'gud' collectors editions and yes this one looks intreging.

happy gaming =)

10 years ago

ALL the time!
exactly why i dont buy most collectors editions, 1 theres nothing "collectible" about them, and 2 there made out of such cheap flimsy plastic a feather landing on them would break them!
infamous 2 hero edition for instance, i remember screaming out (i paid 250 if i remember right) i paid 250 for this cheap piece of sh*t!?

dam, was going to grab this but no PC?
fine, f*ck you too than WB!
makes my decision that much easier, was reluctant getting origins after the shambels city was on the PC!
than WBs brilliant technical support sends back a email saying please play the console versions if your having so much problems with the steam version.
yea, great customer support there!
no we wont fix it, just go buy it for another system.
yea, good luck with that!!!!!

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