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Rumor: Dishonored Game Of The Year Edition Coming Soon

Well, it deserves it.

It seems one of the generation's best titles is going to get a fitting Game of the Year Edition. Well, provided this listing on the Australian Classification Board's website is accurate.

If true, the GotY version will boast all previously released downloadable content, which includes Dunwall City Trials, The Knife of Dunwall, and the new expansion, The Brigmore Witches, which is set to launch in a few weeks. It may also include the Void Walker's Arsenal, a collection of retailer pre-order bonuses. We don't have a release date just yet, but we'd like to assume it'll be available for the holiday season. Unsurprisingly, the Aussie rating board appears to have altered the GotY version; it says it's "modified." Well, so what else is new for the Land Down Under?

If you'd forgotten, we gave Dishonored Game of the Year in 2012. If you missed out, you should definitely pick up the GotY Edition.

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10 years ago

i for one wud get the GOTY edition if i didn't already have the game but ohwell i cud buy it again for collection perposes maybe they wud like that wudn't they.

happy gaming =)

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