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Tommy Tallarico’s “Art In Disguise” Talk: We Stand Up And Cheer

So far in 2013, video games have come under heavy scrutiny. It hearkens back to the dark days of the Mortal Kombat controversy in the early '90s.

The Sandy Hook tragedy was reportedly the work of a "deranged gamer," and that has resulted in lawmakers and politicians asking for more studies involving violent games. They want to know the effects that games can have on people, specifically children.

And yet, amid the suspicion and outright accusations sits a glowing, pulsating little nugget of truth: Video games are still an art form, and can have profoundly positive effects on individuals. If you are a supporter of the artistic side of interactive entertainment, check out Tommy Tallarico's recent TED talk that is entitled "Art in Disguise." Tallarico is an icon in the industry, and one of the most accomplished game composers in history. Perhaps you are familiar with one of his most successful endeavors, Video Games Live .

Yes, we all love VGL. We also love the graph Tommy puts up at about the 5:30 mark in his talk. But is this the kind of fantastic, informed information that makes headlines in the Times? No. At least, not yet…give the true artists some time; let them create even more positive waves in this industry, and eventually, video games may finally receive some of the mainstream credit it so richly deserves.