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30 Minutes Of DuckTales Remastered Gameplay Takes Us Back

It was one of the most entertaining and addictive games of its time.

And soon, the DuckTales game that made everyone smile back in the day will return in high-def format. It will release on the PlayStation Network on August 13, but it won't hit Xbox Live until September 11.

The game is loaded with the sort of old-fashioned platforming fun that used to dominate the industry. To get a better look at it, check out the new gameplay trailer; it's nearly 30 full minutes of nonstop gameplay, and it definitely reminds one of the good ol' days. Remember when jumping on things was the default way to "kill" them? The animations and visuals look pretty sweet, too, so if you need a rainy-day game, DuckTales Remastered is a perfect option. It's also part of the PSN's Summer PLAY program , so take advantage!

I miss the old "DuckTales" cartoon, don't you?