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Lightning Returns “13 Days” Trailer: The Heroine Shows Off

Well, Iit's kinda nice to see Lightning sporting different outfits, at any rate.

The new Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII trailer, entitled "13 Days," shows off the heroine in action. It gives us a glimpse of actual gameplay, which may or may not satisfy the FF faithful.

The game's revamped battle mechanics gives Lightning a way to counter physical attacks, which will use up a segment of the ATB gauge. We also see her targeting specific parts of enemies in order to land various item rewards, which seems like a cool feature. It's still a little disconcerting that we don't have a party, so maybe it's best to view it like Darksiders or something. Maybe it'll be an action/RPG with plenty of flash and a great story. We can be optimistic, can't we?

Of course, those aforementioned big-time fans are probably much more interested in the upcoming Final Fantasy X high-def upgrade, but that's to be expected. And don't forget about FFX-2 HD!