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Killer Is Dead Trailer Amps Things Up

Kadokawa Games and Grasshopper Manufacture are all about delivering a roller-coaster assault on our senses.

That's precisely what they hope to deliver with their latest action extravaganza, Killer is Dead . If you have any doubt about the game's uber-visceral quality, check out the latest trailer, which features music by Jesse and the Bonez.

Even if the music isn't your thing, you definitely get a sense of the title's atmosphere and style. Essentially, you're looking at something so ludicrous and insane that you can't help but smile: Mondo Zappa is a killer of killers, as the title indicates, and he lays waste to all sorts of zany baddies with sword, gun and even a drill. Chances are, this is one of those games that will need the big epilepsy warning at the start…but provided you're not prone to seizures, this one could be loads of fun. Up for a little mid-summer bad-assery?

Killer is Dead is slated to release in North America on August 27. For more, read our in-depth preview .