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Beyond: Two Souls Dev Diary Shows Off Ambitious Beginnings

A new developer diary has arrived for Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls .

This one is called "Origins" and features writer David Cage talking about how he wanted to portray death. Okay, that sounds a little dark, but there will undoubtedly be some darkness in Beyond .

We learn that the story took over a year to write, and it's great to hear actress Ellen Page saying "the concept is huge." Willem Dafoe has something to say as well, although we're not sure why Quantic placed the interviewees on a throne…that's just comically ostentatious. Love it! Dafoe said he "likes being around interesting people who are innovators," and who are passionate about what they do. Then you've got Kadeem Hardison saying he's a "true gamer" and when he got the gig, he was "beside himself."

By the way, an extended version of this video will be featured in the Special Edition of the game, which is a GameStop exclusive.