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GTAV Gameplay Arrives, And We Can Barely Contain Ourselves

We've seen several trailers for Grand Theft Auto V , but none has really given us a close look at the gameplay.

That's why today is so darn special. Rockstar has released the first in-depth look at the anticipated open-world game…and it looks and sounds so amazing that we're having a really hard time waiting for launch day, September 17.

The narrator first describes the size and diversity of the city of Los Santos, which is reported to be absolutely massive. Then they talk about how the three-protagonist structure will work, and provide us with a gameplay example: Not only can you switch between the three main characters when not in a mission, you can switch when in the midst of a firefight! So if one is in a sticky situation, another could assist.

We also learn that the mechanics have been greatly refined and everything – from playing tennis and riding bikes to driving and gunplay – will feel streamlined and fun. As expected, there's also a ton of customization, as we'll be able to change the look of our cars and clothes. We can dive in the ocean, fly planes, or just walk around in circles marveling at the virtual world Rockstar has created.

June one word sums it up nicely: Gimme !