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Atlus Outlines Customization Options For Dragon’s Crown

If you're looking to have some old-school side-scrolling fun, you're anxiously anticipating the latest potential gem from Atlus and Vanillaware.

The publisher has issued a few new details on Dragon's Crown , and those details focus on customization. This isn't exactly like the old-fashioned arcade beat-'em-ups, 'cuz there was very little (if any) customization in those games. They were still fun, though.

For instance, character names can be edited, and each class comes with five different color palette options for their outfits. Each class will have English and Japanese voices and as it's a per-character choice, you could hear both languages during gameplay. Lastly, for the truly hardcore old-school, you will have the option of switching from standard analog control to the d-pad. See, the purists believe you should only use the d-pad for such games, even if it isn't quite as accurate.

Also, don't forget that there will be a separate voice pack available for the first month after the game launches on August 6. It will be totally free, too. Dragon's Crown will retail for $49.99 for the PS3 and $39.99 for the Vita.

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10 years ago

This game is shaping up to be something I really want to play.

I hope it has lots of rpg depth like the other Vanillaware games do.

10 years ago

Nice touches for old school hardcore people. I'd like to play a demo, can't see shelling out what they are charging though.

10 years ago

The fact that it has co-op made me wanna buy it.

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