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Nordic Games Knows Darksiders Is “Big,” Seeks A Partner

After THQ went down, we just wanted to know one thing: Where will Darksiders end up?

Well, it ended up at Nordic Games, a company that spent $4.9 million to gather up Darksiders , Red Faction , MX vs. ATV and Titan Quest . They intend to "carefully select" which of those franchises will get a sequel or new installment. But as Nordic's Reinhard Pollice told Joystiq , his company is "just the middle man." They don't have internal studios or the resources to generate AAA sequels:

"Darksiders is really big. We know we need a partner for that. An established development team that can pull out such a big action adventure. We obviously talked to former team members and, if they are free, we want to somehow involve them. If they are allowed to because, you know, some of them found other jobs or are with Crytek now."

Yeah, well, don't bring it to Crytek. It'll become a FPS overnight. Anyway, Pollice made it plain that Darksiders is the one franchise they don't want to screw up. That's good to hear but at the same time, it means there will be a significant chunk of time before we see the third entry. Like over two years from now. But hey, we can deal with that provided the end result is awesome! This is one series that definitely shouldn't die.

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10 years ago

So long as it doesn't become the 4-player co-op game Vigil wanted it to be.

10 years ago

Yeah, that would have been really crap.

I NEVER want to have to play any of these games co-op.

It's one of the few games that I could just sit back and enjoy at my own pace.

10 years ago

love to see this given to the folks at ninja theory, would be the perfect suit for them!
wonder what happened to deblob though?
no one bought the license to that, so i guess will never be seeing another deblob game?
shame, that was such a quirky fun game!
something so simple and basic, yet it had so much charm and humor you just cant help but laugh and just say one more level.

10 years ago

I really hope that they make something of this franchise. It's good but has so much potential to be something better than what it has been. Here's hoping 🙂

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