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PSXE Poll Update: Gamers Had Moderate Hopes For Remember Me

It had a ton of promise but it just didn't deliver on all fronts.

In our most recent poll, we asked PSXE readers what their expectations were for Capcom's latest, Remember Me . The participants were mostly split into two groups: The group who said they "guessed decent," and the second group that said they "expect very little."

This sort of tells us that many gamers were anticipating a letdown. In our review, we outlined a variety of ways in which Dontnod Entertainment's product could've impressed, but didn't. Ultimately, you can have tons of great ideas and concepts but without proper execution, the result is only average. Ambition only gets you so far, unfortunately. Here's hoping these developers go back to the drawing board with everything they've learned, and deliver a top-notch next-gen game at some point. Don't give up now, guys!

This week, with the PlayStation 4 all set to be unveiled at E3, we want to know what you expect from the hardware. Not its actual potential, but its aesthetic appeal; after all, we haven't seen the damn thing yet. Think you'll be impressed? Or maybe you're one of those gamers who simply don't care what the console looks like.

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10 years ago

Definitely had high hopes…but after just an hour of game play I removed it and tossed it back into my gamefly envelope and sent it back. Making me incredibly glad it was not a day one purchase and extremely worried that the next gen systems will remove my ability to rent games, because this title in and of itself is a reminder that what looks good on paper doesn't always deliver. Sad really.

10 years ago

"Remember me" who are you again?

Yeah, most of us will say it doesn't mater how the PS4 looks but you know we all hope it looks cool just so we can show it off. Fortunately for Sony it just has to look better than a Betamax.


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10 years ago

Remember Me wouldn't be the first new IP that fell short to make up ground in sequels.

Honestly, fanboyism aside, I've never thought any PS system was attractive. None of em. I hope the new one is actually sleek and sexy and doesn't bother with the weirdo top-heavy design of the last few.

10 years ago

I voted after I read the review. I can't help it if I had access to some inside information that influenced my vote. 🙂

I hope the PS4 has a nice look to it, but I won't be too disappointed if it's ugly. The games should work regardless of how pretty it is.

10 years ago

$onys consoles have always been ugly, so im expecting the same for the ps4.
ps1 both designs were fugly!
the original ps2 was one of the uggliest things EVER released!
the redesign slim ps2 is the only sexy console $ony has ever released.
the original ps3, or should i say greg forman grill?
then the slim ps3, design was ok but too boring wheres the wow?
the now super slim with its so easily scratched plastic, and rippled plastic over the disc tray, screams cheap worse than the plastics of your typical american car!
the fact of that, the fact of $onys recent its just a box who the &^%$ cares comment, and the fact that its taken them 4 months after revealing it to show it off, these facts are hardly helping $ony.

remember me is funny.
one thing we have really been lacking in games this gen is enemy variety, and different enemies forcing you to play differently.
most games dont do that, sure you have different enemies but how you take down one enemy is more or less the same for all the others.
KZ for instance pop and shoot to take down the machine guns, pop and shoot to take out the snipers, pop and shoot to take down the, well, you get the point.

remember me is different though, finally its introduced different enemy types to force you to play differently.
and not only force you to play differently, but strategize who you take out first.
especially when you get the elite soldiers in the ones who when you hit them you loose health as well, so your normally best off leaving them for last.
you have to pick and choose who you attack first and with what combo very carefully, if you dont you wont survive the battle.
its nice to see a game actually give you your powers and force you to use them wisely, instead of saying heres your gun now go crazy!
nice to see a game actually forcing you to use your BRAIN for a change!
god forbid………..

10 years ago

ironically everyone will forget remember me

10 years ago

Some of the gameplay I have seen looks nice and the visuals stunning. Granted for me, if the story and or gameplay don't work… visuals mean nothing. But still it might be worth buying down the road when its cheaper.

As for the PS4 I always said as long as it comes in black, but as much as shiny new things look cool, it has to fit in a space and be functional, not an eyesore. People trashed the xbox one look and to be honest as boring as the design is… its functional. It should fit anywhere, unlike the 360 which as glossy as it was… kepty saying to me… pay attention to me. Not that I actually talk to my consoles… or they back. Although I suppose the Xbone does that now soooo.

We shall see. I am sure Sony is going to have colour choice down the road regadless of the its shape, gloss, chrome, vent grills. Now is they would just comeout with a special edition transparent case… that would be cool, possibly an eyesore and a talk piece.

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