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Lightning Returns E3 Trailer: Mankind Has Only 13 Days Left

In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII , the world will end in exactly 13 days if the heroine doesn't do something about it.

This is the crux of the storyline in the latest FF, which also impacts the gameplay. See, you've got 13 days to work with; as each day is two hours in real time, it seems there are 26 hours available to you. Supposedly, that time can be extended or shortened based on your actions.

In this new E3 trailer for the game, we see Lightning square off with Noel (which we've seen before), and there are more glimpses of gameplay. More platforming elements have been implemented as well, and there's plenty of variety in the locales. It looks like it could be a pretty darn good game. …it ain't a Final Fantasy and it ain't an RPG but nonetheless, it could still be great. Just take away the title and think of it as a new action game from Square Enix. Like the Tomb Raider reboot.

That's the easiest way to deal with the pain, I think.

Thanks, Zak!