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Side-Scrolling, Hand-Drawn Teslagrad Coming To PSN

This is the kind of game I'd probably pay good money for on the PlayStation Network.

Rain Games has announced that their puzzle side-scroller Teslagrad is confirmed for the PlayStation 3. It will release alongside the PC, Mac OS X and Linux versions this fall and the developer has said that more versions are being planned.

The game fuses platforming, action and puzzle elements together, and the principles of magnetism are embraced. You will have various electromagnetic powers that will help you overcome the host of challenges you face, and you'll also obtain new abilities as you explore these beautiful, hand-drawn worlds. The environment is "a steampunk-inspired vision of old Europe" and you play as a young boy who is embroiled in a "long-forgotten conspiracy." This involves the despotic king who has ruled with an iron fist, and now it's time to utilize all that nifty Teslamancer tech you've got.

This looks very promising. And if you're wondering about the title, you should get a better handle on your history…Google "Tesla" if you need any help. There's a definite connection.