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Ethan: Meteor Hunter Slated For Digital Platforms This Summer

If you're looking for a platformer/puzzler with a few twists and turns, you should be interested in this.

Developer Seaven Studio (no, that's not a typo) is currently working on Ethan: Meteor Hunter , which will release this summer for Steam and the PlayStation Network. The gameplay trailer below is all kinds of encouraging.

Ethan got hit by a meteorite and now he has several supernatural powers. He has telekinesis, for example, which lets him move pieces of the environment around without ever touching them. He also has the super cool ability to stop time, which will be essential for his progress. Through three different worlds and 50 levels, Ethan will attempt to find all the pieces of the meteorite that hit him…why, we're not exactly sure, but we imagine he has a good reason.

As a platformer with a distinct puzzle element, this one has a ton of charm and appeal. It looks challenging and entertaining, and should be the perfect title for a rainy day. To help make that happen, check out the game's Greenlight page . Your feedback is wanted!