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Pre-Ordering Remember Me Will Give Nilin Street Fighter Power

Hey, it's Capcom. They want to remind you of a time when they partially ruled the video game industry, along with a few other big-name Japanese companies.

So if you're psyched for the promising Remember Me , you might want to pre-order and revel in some nostalgic goodness. You may be wondering how a brand new futuristic-type game can be "nostalgic." How on earth does that make sense?

Well, it's simple- The publisher has revealed the pre-order bonuses for DontNod Entertainment's impending action/adventure title. If you put your deposit down at Amazon, Best Buy or Steam, you will give protagonist Nilin access to three iconic Street Fighter moves! That's right, pre-ordering will net you the Flash Kick, Dragon Punch, and Spinning Bird Kick; those of you who loved playing as Guile and Chun-Li will recognize such attacks, yes? They'll probably come in handy as you traverse Neo-Paris in 2084 and attempt to restore your memory.

If done correctly, Remember Me could be one of the best games of 2013. Here's hoping we get a very special story…