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Sony Finally Posts A Profit, No Thanks To Gaming Division

For the first time in five years, Sony managed to post a full-year profit. But it had nothing to do with video games.

For the year ending March 31, Sony posted a profit of 43 billion yen ($435.6 million), which is a good deal better than the 456 billion yen ($4.6 billion) loss the company suffered last year. Revenue was also up to 6.8 trillion yen ($72.3 billion), which marks a significant 4.7% rise.

However, the gaming division fell 12.2% year-over-year to 707.1 billion yen ($7.2 billion), due primarily to a decrease in PS3, PSP and Vita hardware and software sales. PlayStation operating income fell 27.6 billion yen to 1.7 billion yen ($17.2 million), also due to lower platform sales. Sales of PS3 and PS2 units came in at 16.5 million, down from 18 million the previous year, and software sales hit 153.9 million, down from 164.5 million. As for the portable market, Sony sold 7 million PSP and Vita units, which is up from the 6.8 million year-over-year, but software sales fell from 32.2 million to 28.8 million.

Sony's future projections include 10 million PS3 units in the coming year, but no projections for either the PS2 or the upcoming PS4. Expected PSP and Vita sales are expected to come in at 5 million. Sadly, it's pretty tough to sell a Vita these days.

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11 years ago

In contrast to when the PS1 launched, it brought in 100% of SONY's profits.

PS3 and PSVita sales are waning. The new PS4 momentum will improve that.

As well as the improved, more focused XPERIA range.

11 years ago

Their Xperia range really has become good.

Last edited by Beamboom on 5/9/2013 3:03:00 PM

11 years ago

Amazing gaming is such a big business when it doesn't help. At least it's better than MS's games division.

11 years ago

You can't game without games. I'm looking at the PS VITA. The hardware is capable of doing so much but it needs more and more titles to come out just like titles came out for the PS3 from 2008-2012.

Keep bringing the games out and people will buy it to play those games.

HECK, I bought the VITA to play Gravity Rush – and boy am I glad I did.

Banky A
Banky A
11 years ago

for sure. ps+ is a steal is this regard

11 years ago

you would hope so!
especially after selling half their buildings, axing some of their biggest best developers, downsizing some, $onys been on a rampant fire sale!
gotta love it how they state it in bundles, they wont tell you how much the vitas selling.
because they dont want to realize the fact that the PSP, a 8 year old device, is outselling it drastically!
how pathetic……..

sad that this had to happen, its really destroyed the future of $ony products!
the ps4 turned into a watered down shadow of itself, betraying so many of the ideals the familys built on!
BRAVIA use to be the rolls royce of TVs, now sharp, panasonic, samsung, pretty much everyone out there makes a better TV than $ony!
oh well, it was inevitable this was going to happen, its just a shame it had to carry on for so long.
always said the departure of father ken would be the death of $ony!
well, not that far, but not that far off either.
once people realize the ps4 is a overpriced 2008 outdated box, that will do it for them!

Last edited by ___________ on 5/10/2013 5:36:30 AM

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