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Meet The New Fighter In Borderlands 2: Krieg The Psycho Bandit

Yep, another playable character. This game offers some serious bang for your buck!

Developer Gearbox Software has announced the sixth character for the award-winning Borderlands 2 , and you'll be able to experiment with him to your heart's content on May 14.

It's Krieg the Psycho Bandit, and he's a "high-risk melee brawler" who comes equipped with a buzz axe and several psychotic attributes. His three skill trees are Bloodlust (increases axe strength), Mania (more resistant to taking damage) and Hellborn (he gets stronger when on fire). He will be featured in the Psycho Pack DLC, which will retail for $9.99, and remember that it's not part of the Season Pass. The last extra character, Gaige, was delivered in the same fashion, and also wasn't included in the Pass.

Also, don't forget that Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep – which most certainly is part of the Season Pass – will arrive on June 25. That's the fourth and final DLC expansion scheduled, so get your fill!

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11 years ago

I seen a video gameplay of this character and he looked awesome. Unfortunately when I looked up his skill tree I was very underwhelmed and it just didnt seem fun to tinker with. Gaige on the other hand has a great skill tree to beef up along with the other 4 characters. Either way I think itll be an enjoyable character and another reason to own the game.

I guess ill stick to my Siren. I thought I might get this character but ive since changed my mind.

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