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Get 25% Off Bioshock Infinite At Amazon

We'll make this plain: Bioshock Infinite is the best game of 2013 so far, and one of the best games of the entire generation.

Now, don't you feel silly for not having played it yet? Well, maybe you've got an extensive backlog and you've been chipping away at it, or perhaps you've simply been too darn busy. But you've got some more free time coming up (the summer launch schedule is pretty bare, as usual), so you can definitely give Irrational's masterpiece a whirl.

And hey, you won't have to pay full retail. Even though the game only recently released in late March, you can still find a great 25% discount at . Both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the title are currently available for only $44.99 and free shipping is possible. You may not see a lower price for Infinite any time soon, so we suggest you take advantage. Might as well save some bucks.

Play it for the fantastic atmosphere and great characters. Play it to be fully immersed in an engaging, meticulously designed world. But above all, just play it. You can thank us later.

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11 years ago

Already gots it! Can't wait for the DLC to roll out. After that ending, the fact is they could do ANYthing.

11 years ago

I wonder if the pricing policy will change in any drastic way when the new generation is here.
Cause these days there really are no rational reasons to buy games on launch day. It's no longer a question of months before the first price drops kick in, but weeks.

11 years ago

not quite.
tomb raider is the best game of 2013 so far!
plus i wouldent say the summer schedule is bare as usual, june is normally deserted but this year we have 2 of the biggest games in the last of us and remember me releasing!
not to mention deadpool, oh how much i want that, this needs to prove licensed games CAN rock!
the merc with the mouth has never gotten a game from memory, so this is the game to wipe the slate clean and get rid of the stigma that is licensed games suck.
for once, we actually dont have a quiet season.
everyones trying to cram their game in before next gen systems release……….

11 years ago

Its an amazing game. I didn't really like bioshock but this game is worth $60 (or $45)

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