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Resident Evil: Revelations Dev Diary Talks Franchise Heritage

Okay, so survival/horror isn't what it once was, and it may never be again.

So unfortunately, if you're itching for old-school horror goodness, you kinda have to go old-school. Or, you can opt for Resident Evil: Revelations .

What was originally a 3DS exclusive is receiving quite the update, and it'll launch on May 21 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. The new high-definition version will feature a host of updates and enhancements, including the ability to select your favorite control scheme (Classic or Shooter), reduced load times, increased weapon customization, and more save spots. And it definitely is survival/horror, especially because the game was inspired by the very first Resident Evil titles.

In a new developer diary, Capcom talks about how they wanted to embrace many of the elements found in the original RE games, and that's always good to hear. In short, this is a very encouraging behind-the-scenes video for horror aficionados.