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Capcom Clarifies: Canceled Projects Had Been Unannounced

After Capcom revealed they were anticipating "special losses," there were rumors of canceled projects.

This included a few high-profile upcoming titles, but the publisher has set our minds to rest. Thanks to a document containing the company's financial revision and forecast , we learn that while projects have been canceled, we don't know about any of them.

Capcom says the canceled titles weren't previously announced, and most of them had been scheduled to arrive between April 2014 and March 2015. The "special loss" to which they refer comes to about $73 million, which has resulted in the company's increased focus on internal development. They previously cited "excessive outsourcing" as a partial reason for the decline. They did confirm that creating games for home consoles remains the core element of their business strategy, which is good to hear.

Want to see the numbers rise, Capcom? Make sure Resident Evil 7 is something gamers – specifically, horror fans – actually want .

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11 years ago

It would be interesting to find out what these cancelled projects were. I hope Remember Me has enough success to be worth the investment, it looks like it will make a fine franchise and with a female protagonist to boot.

Killa Tequilla
Killa Tequilla
11 years ago

I don't understand what's so great about FF. I will never know. I'm guessing people thought it was the whatever # FF game in production that got canceled. That's why Capcom had to clarify?

11 years ago

RE is not going to be enough to bring crapcom back to life, they need to bring allot more of their franchises with them!
bring back bionic commando, revive mega man, and turn dark void into the game it always should of been!
then crapcom will be back in a shot of surviving in this industry!
its great there willing to give new IPs like dragons dogman and remember me a shot, but there not going to rake in the sales a return of mega man, or lost planet, will!
till they bring back their past they will continue to struggle in this industry!

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