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Cat Out Of The Bag? Call Of Duty: Ghosts Box Art Found

One had to assume that this is the kind of info that gets leaked. After all, we're talking about the biggest name in the industry today. Too bad that's true.

So how long can Activision really keep a lid on this year's Call of Duty effort? The rumors continue to fly, and now it seems the 2013 CoD title has been outed by UK retailer Tesco. The listing says "Unavailable" but VideoGamer captured the now-vanished box art.

It seems that per usual, it's Infinity Ward's turn after Treyarch delivered Black Ops II last year. But contrary to popular belief, IW is not working on Modern Warfare 4 , as there's now plenty of evidence to support the title, "Call of Duty: Ghosts." The box art you see through the link shows that title, obviously, and previous rumors have hinted at a setting similar to BOII, but with current-generation weaponry. Well, whatever it is, you can bet it'll sell. These games always do.

Perhaps the most interesting question remains- Will the new CoD, if it is "Ghosts," be a cross-generation title? In other words, we know it's coming to the PS3 and 360, but what about the new consoles…?

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11 years ago

It will be sick.

11 years ago

so he crawled out of the pit before the gasoline was lit …

At my age I shouldn't get excited by the inevitable annual COD release – but damn it – i'm excited – again.

I just hope the PS4 comes out in time

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