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Bidding Closes For Remaining THQ IPs

Time's up.

According to a legal document filed this past week (as cited by Polygon ), bidding is now closed for remaining THQ IPs. Seventeen final bids for a "certain" IP are expected to bring in between $6 million and $7 million when the sale process is complete at the end of May.

THQ has said in the past that they received over 100 expressions of interest in various franchises when bidding opened on April 1. IPs up for auction included Darksiders , Red Faction , Homeworld , MX and others. No specific names of bidders were contained in the document in question, although developer TeamPixel revealed that they tried to get Homeworld but were outbid. And that's not necessarily surprising. We just hope several of these franchises end up with good homes because those IPs really have a ton of potential.

And the sooner we can hear about a Darksiders III , the better.

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10 years ago

This story just broke a few hours ago; you guys are good!

10 years ago

So I wonder if Red Faction got picked up.

10 years ago

It was included in one of the lots up for sale, so probably. We'll know Monday when they tell us who bought what.

10 years ago

darksiders NEEDS a sequel!
please, for the love of god though, just pretend darksiders 2 never happened!
gone back to it for the past few days, got to earth oh joy this will be interesting were back to the start of the series, the origin and whole world whole reason for the series existance.
oh joy they have changed up the gameplay too, wait whats this?
thats it, im done!
next im going to pick up tiger woods PGA tour 2014 and find my driver is not a golf club, its actually a grenade launcher!
for f*cks sake!!!!!!!

really want to see another open world red faction game though, guerrilla is still one of THE best games released this gen!
its amazing how simple as driving cars through buildings is, yet its so much fun, and you wont get bored of doing it after hours on end!
just love destroying sh*t in that game!
just whip out the hammer and scream TIIIIIIIIIIIMBEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!
f*ck DICE, when it comes to destroying things voilition, and the geo mode destruction engine, are the KINGS!

wish someone would buy the deblob series too.
such a quirky colorful happy humorous game.
its amazing how something so simple, rolling around painting things, can be so much fun!
strap on the humorous silent protagonists, and the quirky catchy music and its just such a joy to play.
you can come home from the worst day at work, find your 20 year old faithful companion 4 legged friend laying dead on the porch, boot up deblob 2 and all of a sudden everythings all ok!
nothing turns a frown upside down like deblob 2!

10 years ago

I hope darksiders and homeworld found buyers. I love those games.

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