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Some Hands-On Time With Dishonored: Dunwall City Trials Pack

Those of you who had the privilege of playing Dishonored should have some fond memories of Blinking up to chandeliers, Possessing rodents, and the ever so gratifying assassination of a target in whichever creative way you chose.

Well, Bethesda recently came out with the Dunwall City Trials pack, which contains a few twists on how we classically viewed the stealth/action/adventure game.

Right off the bat, I will say that there is a disappointing lack of story. But that wasn’t really the intention for this DLC as it is more based around individual challenges. There are four “modes” for each situation they decide to land you in. These consist of Mobility, Stealth, Action, and Puzzle. Stealth is by far my favorite of the modes as it is quite simply what the game was made for in the first place. Also, you get all sorts of fuzzy warm memories of air assassinations and carnivorous rats.

There are only two such challenges, but they do take a fair amount of time and the difficulty was a little higher than the game's initial setting was. And each one is uniquely different; for example, one relies on you finding clues to determine your target, which can be done in a variety of ways. You may also choose to use more or less clues and jump, or Blink, rather, to conclusions. The other variant of this particular challenge style includes infiltrating a gigantic mansion and taking everything that you can find! A big plus to this mode is that there is no timer whatsoever, unlike most of the other modes in this pack (with the exception of “Action”).

Next up: Action. Well this is pretty much a last-man-standing scenario. Survive waves of enemies and feel free to brutally assault an innocent merchant for ammo and goodies, or kill him for upgrades. He does not show up for a while so if you do kill him, make sure you choose his final hours wisely. He is actually in a glowing aura of gold, primarily so he doesn't blend in. There is a bit of a twist when it comes to this mode, which we find in oh-so-many modern games.