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Bethesda Teases Their Latest Project, Says It Isn’t Fallout 4

We've recently learned this week that Bethesda is "moving on" and focusing on a brand new project .

Many assumed it would the long-awaited Fallout 4 , while others said Bethesda would return to The Elder Scrolls . Well, we still don't know but the publisher has released a brief teaser via Vine.

As you can see, there are quick shots of barbed wire, a spinning LP by The Moonlight Trio and George Shackley, and flashes of Johann Sebastian Bach and Air on the G String. Bach was part of Fallout 3 's soundtrack so of course, everyone started to make assumptions. Unfortunately, Bethesda vice president of marketing and PR Pete Hines quickly took to Twitter to disabuse fans of that idea.

The publisher is apparently working on multiple projects and one of them could very well be a Fallout title. But Hines is saying that's not what Bethesda teased with this Vine video. So, any ideas?