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Will Prince Of Persia Return, Courtesy Of Climax Studios?

We could definitely use a new Prince of Persia , so here's hoping these screenshots are indeed from such a project.

Climax Studios recently posted up some screenshots (since removed from their site) for an upcoming title; the pics were labeled "tech demo" and showed off a game that looks suspiciously like Prince of Persia .

The Silent Hill: Shattered Memories developer is supposed to be working on a "character action platformer," and PoP definitely would qualify. The screenshots show a distinctly Middle Eastern-style environment and a protagonist that could very easily be the Prince. After the last installment, The Forgotten Sands , failed to perform well, publisher Ubisoft said the series would be on hiatus for a while. That was back in 2010, though, so maybe Climax is working on a new PoP for the next generation? That would be sweet .

Forgotten Sands wasn't a bad game at all ; it just failed to capture the greatness of the reboot, which dropped in 2008. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed both games, so I'm hoping for another.

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11 years ago

Climax Studios' games are nothing to write home about but I'm dying for a new side-scrolling Prince of Persia title.

Disappointed the remake of Prince of Persia II is only available for phones and tablets…

11 years ago

sounds really cool!
makes me so happy that 2D platformers are making a comeback, it really takes me back to the arcade days!
now all i need is twin stick shooters and ill be back in no time!
that said though if this sells well maybe it would give ubisoft confidence to shift montreal around and get them working on another fantasy sequel?
the fantasy reboot of PoP has to be one of the best games released this gen!

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