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Castle Of Illusion HD Confirmed For PSN

Last week, we caught a teaser trailer for what appeared to be a remake of the 1990 Sega Genesis classic, Castle of Illusion .

Now, the game in question has been officially revealed over at the PlayStation Blog . Castle of Illusion HD , a hybrid 2D/3D adventure, is being developed by Sega Studios Australia and will launch this summer on the PlayStation Network.

This may be exclusive to the PSN, as no other platforms were announced. The developers said they're "working very closely" with the original game's director, who is currently at Disney Interactive, and they aim to capture that patented Disney magic. Furthermore, they're now including many elements that couldn't be featured in the original title due to technical limitations. The 16-bit era did have limitations. Added Sega senior digital brand manager Mai Kawaguchi:

"If you have played the original game, you will also see that we have kept intact many of the major iconic elements of the game that helped define this groundbreaking game at the time of its original release."

Can't wait to revisit this classic!